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Limit : 1 Photos per session



  • One file per member

  • Name your file ex: John_Smith_001.jpg

  • Send a full resolution image

  • Click the “Add a File” button

  • Navigate and Choose your file

  • Fill out your email address

  • Add a message in the Message box 

    • Photo Critique

  • Click Submit

  • You will see a progress counter

  • A checkmark will appear when your file has been uploaded


Deadline : February 15th, 2018 @ midnight


*** Please note that due to limited allocated time slot for this activity, we might not be able to review all images, however members will still learn for this activity even though their photo is not being analysed.


** Entries are limited to Focus Camera Club members ONLY
Deadline February 15th,2019
Deadline February 15th, 2019
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