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As mentioned at the annual general meeting in June, the prizes this year will be based on three categories:

  • Advanced

    • The Advanced category might sound scary to some, but it is typically for the people who are comfortable using manual settings on their cameras or get out and practice on a regular basis with different techniques and environments, and also include the members who’s year-end average contest score was 7.0 or greater.

  • Intermediate

    • The middle category Intermediate has been renamed from Novice to since this title is more reflective of the people who have more experience with photography but are still learning about their cameras and different photography techniques.

  • Beginner

    • The Beginner category is for people new to the hobby of photography (just learning about photography) and are starting to learn about composition, lighting and other photography techniques and tricks.

Please note that if you registered as an Intermediate this year, you might have been moved to the Advanced category based on your average contest score last year.The FCC executive felt that using the previous year’s scores for category placement provides a fair approach to all members for club contest prizes.


Also note that if you are a new member this year, you may get moved to a different category if your scores for your first 6 photo entries meet the criteria for a different level. If this happens (for which you will be advised), your previous 6 photos scores will still be part of your overall total points in your current category for year-end awards.


Only new FCC members or previous members who did not have more than 6 entries last year may be moved to a different category during a club year.


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