For the 2019-2020 Freeman Patterson Fineart Photography Award, Freeman Patterson chose the theme "the Feeling of Celebration" with the following instruction in his own words "The challenge is to create abstract compositions that make deliberate use of tones and colours to convey the sense of celebration and happiness. This is a topic I have given to many workshop participants over the years; most have risen to the challenge and learned something worthwhile in the process."

As last year, participants will be required to provide a body of 4 images conveying a Feeling of Celebration accompanied by a title for their project. For this award, Focus Camera Club reaches out to two photographers and two artists from the region to judge to competition.  They will choose the images that best conveys “A Feeling of Celebration” used on the project as a whole; all 4 images, not on a single image. For the award, a mixture of photographers and artists will chose the project which they feel best conveys a Feeling of Celebration based on the project as a whole, all 4 images, not single images.

From CAPA: Fine art photography has no universally agreed upon meaning or definition. However, fine art photography does go beyond just capturing an image and cropping. The goal of fine art photography is in creating a fine art, an image that uses subjects and techniques as vehicles in the process of conveying a strong message, idea, vision and/or emotion.

All images must be created after January 1st, 2019. The submission deadline is April 15th, 2020. Submission will be available soon via the Focus Contest website.

This photo project is open to all Focus members no matter your skill level. We highly encourage everyone to participate, working on a body of four images is different from take single images and every photographer no matter the level grows from consciously building such a body of images.

Images will be uploaded on our new contest site :

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