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All current members of the CAPA Club Members in the Atlantic Zone ( this means any Focus camera Club member)

Theme: Open (no sub themes)

No restrictions as to when the image was taken (Can be an old image)

Send your two best images

Closing Date: April 20, 2020 @ Midnight


1 or 2 images per member sent to with the
title of your email as “CAPA Atlantic Competition Submission”.


Please be advised that the image (s) you send must be in the size described in the Image Specifications

The dimensions that they request are as follows:  Width 1400 and height 1050 pixels.  So if your picture is a landscape make sure that the width is no more than 1400.  If your picture is a portrait make sure that they height more than 1050 Pixels.

** Ceci Snow has offered to resize your images for you if you need help with this. 

Please read the rules at: and follow the

instructions for submission. (Editing Criteria, Eligibility Criteria, Image Specifications,
and Judging Criteria)

Awards: Only for individual images not the total scores of the 2 images


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