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  • André LeBlanc - President / Président

  • Andrea Milburn - Vice President / Vice présidente

  • Lise Bourgeois - Treasurer / Trésorière 

  • Isabelle Levesque- Program Coordinator / Coordinatrice de programme,

  • Jocelyne Gagnon - Secretary / Secrétaire

  • Mathieu Chiasson - Contest Coordinator / Coordinateur des compétitions

  • Mathieu Chiasson - Educational Coordinator / Coordinateur éducatif 

  • Jacinthe Leblanc - Events Coordinator / Coordinatrice d'évènements

  • Guy Brun - CAPA Liaison / Liaison avec CAPA

  • Tony Holland - Membership Coordinator / Coordinateur des membres

  • TBD - Equipement Coordinator / Coordinateur d'équipements

  • Renée Turcotte - Social Coordinator, Coordinatrice d'évènements sociaux

  • Bernice McGraw LeBlanc - Webmaster / Coordinatrice du site Web

  • Stella D'Entremont - Past President / Présidente sortante


André LeBlanc

President / Président

André LeBlanc’s photographic journey started at a young age when he purchased his first camera, a Polaroid One Step.  He knows it wasn’t the world's best camera by any fetch of the imagination but he found it incredible that he could take a picture and then one minute later see the results. In the early 1980s, while living in the Canadian Rockies, he purchased a Pentax K1000 35mm camera. Then in 2000, he put his old faithful 35mm Pentax on the shelf and took the leap to the digital world. After upgrading many times over the last 15 years, he is now shooting with a Nikon DSLR D7000 and a Nikon Mirrorless J1. 

When he bought his Pentax in the early 80’s, he took an introduction to photography course to learn the foundation of photography.  One of his favorite learning resources is where he follows a variety of photography courses on techniques, composition and photo processing with Adobe Lightroom.  He recently completed a photography course led by Maurice Henri in Moncton to reinforce his photographic skills. 

André’s primary fields of interest in photography are nature, landscapes, underwater photography and travel documentaries (which mimics his interest in life). He enjoys travelling and has visited over 25 countries and documented various cultures, people, nature and architecture with his photographs.  

He has been a member of the Moncton Focus Camera club since 2013, and has given presentations to club members on several occasions.  He placed second in the year long club competition in 2014-15 season for photographer of the year, and he was the club grand winner of the Ken Dunphy Award for Best Landscape in 2015.



Andrea Milburn 

Vice President/Vice présidente

"My introduction to photography came when my children started to get involved in activities. I am the mother of 2 amazing kids.....currently aged 16yrs and 19yrs. My son played hockey and my daughter danced and I wanted to capture and remember those moments forever. I have always been a lover of all things Nature. Both of my grandfathers worked in National Parks and taught me young to respect Mother Earth and Wildlife. I was captivated by birds of prey...the bald eagle being my first love! My photography now mostly focuses on landscapes and wildlife, but I also do some portrait/family shoots. I love to challenge myself and am a firm believer in "you are never too old to learn something new"! I only started really focusing on the art of photography when I joined the Focus Camera Club in January of 2018. For the first few months, I took in as much information as I could. Jacinthe became a mentor for me....and I also joined Mathieu's "Smmer Challenge". I committed to entering EVERY contest for the 2018-2019 FCC year and came in 2nd place in the beginner category! I continued to challenge myself for the next year, not only entering FCC competitions but a few CAPA ones as well. I ended up coming in 3rd place in the Intermediate category for FCC and received some very valuable advice for future comps!  I offered my name for Vice President of the club. I am looking forward to working with the Executive to continue to build, support and promote FCC. The friendships I have made over the last 3.5 years of being part of FCC are so invaluable to me! I cannot say enough about how welcomed I was and how supported as a photographer (and person) I am from Focus Camera Club. I love this community and look forward to many many more great years ahead!"


Jocelyne Gagnon

Secretary / Sécretaire

Jocelyne a toujours eu un intérêt pour la photographie. Par contre, c’est seulement durant les dernières années que son intérêt pour la photo est devenu plus grande. Ses intérêts principaux sont les paysages, la nature, la photographie abstraite et la documentation de ses voyages. En 2015, elle participe à un concours de photos organisé à son travail et une de ses photos est maintenant exposée au Centre des pensions du gouvernement du Canada à Shediac.

Jocelyne a suivi des cours/ ateliers avec Lawrence Nicoll, Maurice Henri, Paula Lirette et Don Martel. Elle est membre du Club Focus Camera où elle vient de décrocher une première place dans un de leur concours. Elle aime faire la lecture sur la photographie ce qui lui aide à augmenter ses connaissances et sa technique sur le sujet.  Tout récemment, elle développe un intérêt pour le portait qui s’alignent très bien avec “Du monde de par che nous”.

Jocelyne has always had an interest in photography which has grown over the last couple of years. Her main interests are landscapes, nature, abstract and documenting her travels.  In 2015, she entered a contest at her place of employment and one of her photographs was chosen and is on display at the Government of Canada Pension Centre in Shediac.

Jocelyne has attended courses / workshops with Lawrence Nicoll, Maurice Henri, Paula Lirette and Don Martel. She is a member of the Focus Camera Club and recently won first place in a club contest. She enjoys reading about photography which helps her increase her knowledge and technique on the subject.  Recently, she has developed an interest in portraiture which aligns well with “Du monde de par che nous”.


Lise Bourgeois

Treasurer / Trésorière

Lise was first exposed to the world of photography through her older brother; she
loved watching his travel slide shows. She started taking pictures in high school
where she learned to develop black and white film. When she moved to the digital
world around 2004, she was able to be so much more spontaneous and creative.
Her aim is to share the beauty around her with her friends and family. Joining the
Focus camera club allowed her to meet new people, try many new techniques and
take part in club competitions. She loves macro photography and in camera multiple

Lise a premièrement été exposée à la photographie grace à son frère aîné; elle
aimait tellement regarder ses diaporamas. Elle a commencé à faire de la
photographie à l’école secondaire ou elle a appris a déveloper des films noirs et
blancs. Lorsqu’elle a changé au monde digital en 2004 elle a eu la chance de devenir
plus spontanée et créative. Son but est de partager la beauté de son environnement
avec ses amis et sa famille. Le club de camera Focus lui a permit de rencontrer de
nouveaux amis, essayer de nouvelles techniques et participer à des concours. Elle
aime bien faire de la photo macro ainsi que des expositions multiples en caméra.


Mathieu Chiasson

Educational Coordinator / Coordinateur éducatifs

Mathieu started his photographic journey in September 2017 when he joined the Moncton Focus Camera Club. With the help of his peers and a lent camera, he quickly learned the ins and outs of photography by participating in outings and contests through the camera club.


When he bought his first non-point and shoot camera he started challenging himself and shooting more. He loves shooting the Moncton Magic basketball team for which he did many games in 2018 including their team photo.


Through his challenge, he created a small publication titled "A Road to Photography" in which he shares his experience and what he learned through personal challenges as he shares the resulting pictures of his challenge.


Mathieu is also a Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) member and completed the CAPA National Judging Course in 2018.


Isabelle Levesque

Program Co-ordinator / Coordinatrice du programme

Passionate about images since my childhood, I used to destroy my mother's magazines by tearing up the images I liked. This led me to complete a bachelor's degree in visual arts and to develop a great interest in photography. I particularly like macro photography, from which were born my first two collections "Givre en bulles" and "Papillusion" which have been exhibited in several galleries in NB.


 My last collection of images was created during an artist residency, "Essence of a Community" where I had to involve a community in the creation of an artwork.  I followed 4 families who have been practicing the same craft for several generations.


 I have been a member of CAPA since 2011, a district CAPA representative since 2017 and a CAPA representative for my photo club for a few years. I am starting my fourth year as a judge with the Moncton Camera Focus Club and have been a certified CAPA judge since February 2021.


  In 2019, I received a CAPA Fellowship award. In addition I am very proud that two of my photos were exhibited at the “Musée Populaire de la photo” de Drummondville in Quebec, following a CAPA "My Country" competition a pan Canadian competition.


 I have won several contests and special mentions, written two s for CAPA's magazine and several macro and landscape photographs have been used in specialized books.


 I am also very passionate about wildlife and more recently, I am expanding my photographic horizons to include landscape.


Passionnée d’images depuis mon enfance ou je détruisais les magazines de ma mère en y déchirant les images que j’aimais. Ceci m’a conduit à terminer un baccalauréat en arts visuels et a y développe un grand intérêt pour la photographie. J’aime particulièrement la macrophotographie, d'où sont nés mes deux premières collections « Givre en bulles » et « « Papillusion » qui ont été exposées à plusieurs galeries au NB.


 Ma dernière collection d’images fut créée lors d’une résidence d’artiste, « Essence d’une communauté » où je devais impliquer une communauté à participer à la création d’une œuvre d’art.  J’ai donc suivi 4 familles qui pratiquent le même métier depuis plusieurs générations.


 Je suis membre de CAPA depuis 2011, représentante CAPA de district depuis 2017 et aussi représentante CAPA pour mon club de photo durant quelques années. Je débute ma quatirème année comme juge au Club Focus Caméra de Moncton et suis juge certifié CAPA depuis février 2021.


  En 2019, j’ai reçu un prix d'honneur « Fellowship (ACAPA) » de CAPA. En plus je suis très fies que deux de mes photos ont été exposées au Musée populaire de la photo de Drummondville au Québec, à la suite d’un concours CAPA « Mon pays » une compétition pan canadienne.


 J’ai gagné plusieurs concours et des mentions spéciales, écrit deux s pour le magazine de CAPA et plusieurs photographies macro et de paysages ont été utilisées dans des livres spécialisés.


 Je suis aussi très passionnée par la faune sauvage et plus récemment, j’étends mes horizons photographiques vers le paysage.


Mathieu Chiasson

Contest Coordinator / Coordinateur des compétitions

Mathieu started his photographic journey in September 2017 when he joined the Moncton Focus Camera Club. With the help of his peers and a lent camera, he quickly learned the ins and outs of photography by participating in outings and contests through the camera club.


When he bought his first non-point and shoot camera he started challenging himself and shooting more. He loves shooting the Moncton Magic basketball team for which he did many games in 2018 including their team photo.


Through his challenge, he created a small publication titled "A Road to Photography" in which he shares his experience and what he learned through personal challenges as he shares the resulting pictures of his challenge.


Mathieu is also a Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) member and completed the CAPA National Judging Course in 2018.


Jacinthe Leblanc

Field Trip Coordinator / Coordinateur des excursions éducatives

I studied photography during my first year at Université de Moncton while enrolled in the Fine Arts program in the early 80’s. I did photography for a few years but somehow life got in the way and it wasn't until 2009, when I took a photography course at NBCC, that my passion and love for photography was re-ignited.  I have been a member of the Moncton Focus Camera Club since  2012 and a board member since 2017, and a Member & Co-Founder of Groupe SocioFoto  since 2015. I particularly like sports, portrait, people, nature, street and underwater photography. I am the Lead Photographer for the Moncton Magic Basketball Team.

J'ai étudié la photographie pendant ma première année à l'Université de Moncton alors j'étais étudiante aux arts visuels au début des années 1980.  Après avoir fait de la photo pendant plusieurs années, la vie s’est interposée et ce n’est qu’à la suite d’un cours de photographie au CCNB en 2011 que ma passion pour mon art me revient. Je suis membre du Club Focus Camera de Moncton depuis 2012 et membre du conseil depuis 2017. Je suis également membre et co-fondatrice du groupe SocioFoto. J'aime particulièrement la photographie sportive, le portrait,  la nature, la photographie de rue et la photographie sous-marine. Je suis la photographe de l’équipe de basketball Magic de Moncton.


Bernice McGraw LeBlanc

Website/Site web

Bernice a développé sa passion pour la photo dès le secondaire quand elle a suivi un cours de photographie avec un photographe professionnel à Tracadie.  Cette passion se poursuivi lorsqu'elle reçu en cadeau à sa graduation universitaire: sa première caméra avec film, une Minolta. Dans les années 2000 elle se procure une caméra digitale, "point and shoot", mais réalise que celle-ci ne répond pas à ses besoins.  En 2016, en prévision de sa retraite, elle s'achète sa première caméra DSLR, une Canon 5Ti.  Pour optimiser l'appareil, elle suit un cours avec Maurice Henri qui lui fait découvrir une panoplie de possibilités.  En octobre 2017, elle joint le club Focus Camera Club et le groupe ArtQuest avec Maurice Henri.  Elle ne manque pas d'occasion pour suivre différents ateliers offerts par Don Martel, Maurice Henri et par le club.  Cette année elle s'est donné le défi de participer à tous les concours du club de photo, un défi qu'elle a relevé avec brio ayant remporter la première place dans la catégorie Intermédiaire pour l'année 2018-2019.

Bernice developed her passion for photography in high school when she took a photography class with a professional photographer in Tracadie. This passion continued when she received a gift at her university graduation: her first camera with film, a Minolta. In the 2000s she received a digital camera, a "point and shoot", but realized that it didn't meet her needs. In 2016, in anticipation of her retirement, she bought her first DSLR camera, a Canon 5Ti. To optimize the apparatus, she followed a course with Maurice Henri which makes her discover a variety of possibilities. In October 2017, she joined Focus Camera Club and ArtQuest with Maurice Henri. She doesn't miss an opportunity to follow various workshops offered by Don Martel, Maurice Henri and the Club. This year she has taken on the challenge to participate in all the competitions of the photo club, a challenge that she has successfully met with winning the first place in the Intermediate category for the 2018-2019.


Tony Holland

Membership Coordinator / Coordinateur des membres

Tony began his photography journey in 2016 when immigrating from Ontario to New Brunswick. The seeds were planted in 2015 in joining the Richmond Hill Camera club in 2015. Previous years of international travel and poor photo results convinced me the best way to learn was from others combined with online information. I joined Focus CC in 2019 and started to learn. In 2020 my photo development was interrupted with health distractions. My portfolio of pictures is at best eclectic and includes mostly seaside landscape with a smattering of other east coast related scenes.  I am looking forward to assisting on the executive this year as the club has so much to be offered to the members and so many interesting learning opportunities.


Guy Brun

CAPA Representative / Représentant à CAPA

Photography can play a significant role in expressing the magnificence of the natural world and our relationship with it. I have managed to bring together a life-long passion for photography and nature. I’m mostly self-taught and have always had an appreciation for the visual arts. For many years I had photographed almost exclusively with 35mm SLR film cameras. As digital photography came around I quickly realized its potential and fully embraced it. I’m a firm believer in doing it right in the camera, but also believe that in fine art photography, post editing of the image is a critical step in the creative process. A good print in hand completes the photographic cycle and over the years I have gained much experience with this craft.


Photographing wildlife is when I feel most in my element. Of the wide array of possible subjects, birds are a favorite, and much effort has been devoted to learning the related techniques, including knowledge of animal behavior and their habitats.


I approach the art of photography as a life-long learning experience. Enjoying interaction with other photographers, sharing images and information, making presentations and judging contests. Aside from being successful in several photo competitions over the years, my work has appeared in ads, articles, calendars, magazines, art galleries, slide presentations, television and social media. Some works have found their way into private homes and commercial establishments. Beyond photography I enjoy retirement after a long and fulfilling career with Environment Canada. I’m always a strong advocate for the protection of our planet - our only home.


Renée Turcotte

Social Coordinator / Coordinatrice d'évènements sociaux

J’ai découvert la photographie grâce à mon mari Daniel Beaudry dans les années 80. J’ai travaillé avec lui de nombreuses heures de nuits dans sa chambre noire. Elle est encore presque complète d’ailleurs. J’ai reçu une point and shoot en 2003 pour ma fête et j’adore la photographie depuis. Je me suis jointe au club environ 2 ans après mon mari, vers 2010, dans l’idée d’améliorer mes photos. J’utilise une SLR depuis quelques années maintenant. J’adore surtout les photos de la nature, des paysages, d’animaux, surtout les chevaux, de fleurs et d’arbres. J’aime aussi les nombreux beaux défis que le club apporte. Les rencontres du club sont toujours très intéressantes et instructives et les gens sont accueillants. Le club m’a aidé à dépasser mes limites et ce n’est pas fini car je suis très loin d’être une experte. J’adore aussi les opportunités de sorties en groupe, de chasses aux trésors, de conférences avec des invités internationaux et de cours avec CAPA, i.e. comment juger des photos etc. J’essaie de participer à tous les concours organisés par le Club. Je participe parfois à des expositions du club et d’autres groupes de photographes de la région comme Perspective. Et bien sûr, j’adore les party organisés par le club!


My husband helped me discover photography  in the 80s. I worked many night shifts with him in his dark room, which nowadays is still pretty complete . I love photography since I received a point and shoot for my birthday in 2003. I joined the FCC around 2010, 2 years after my husband did, with the idea of improving my photos. I have been using a SLR for many years now. I love mainly photographing nature, landscapes, animals,  horses are my favorites, flowers and trees. I also like the numerous challenges offered by the Club.  The Club meetings are always very interesting and instructive and people are very friendly. Participation to the Club helped me push my limits and it is not over because I am far from being an expert! I also love the many opportunities for group outings,  scavenger hunts, conferences with internationally known speakers and courses with CAPA, e.g. how to judge a photo etc. I try to participate to all Club’s contests. I sometimes participate to Club’s expositions as well as other group’s photographers like Perspective. And for sure, I love the Club parties!

Taking Notes

TBD - Position not filled

Equipment Manager / Responsable de l'équipement

Details to follow

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Stella D'Entremont

Past President / Présidente sortante

Stella has been taking photos ever since she can remember. At the age of 18, she moved to Boston to study fashion design and photography at Chamberlyn Junior College. Showing natural talent and strong attention to detail, her work was selected for the college program catalogue where they showcased several of her photos taken for a class project.  In 2016, she entered her first photography contest in Saltscapes Magazine and was awarded a honourable mention for "Morning Fog on the Bedford Basin". The judges’ comments were: "the subtle use of technique in capturing the ship moving through the fog, it's well done."

Stella has been a member of Focus Camera Club (FCC) since 2018.  The club has helped her find a community where like-minded people share ideas and techniques.  Stella is always looking for ways to better her technical skills and that is why she enjoys the different competitions offered during the year at FCC.

Stella is a member of Canadian Association for Photographic Art. (CAPA)

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