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** Contest are open for Focus Camera Club members ONLY

Deadline : January 31st, 2018 @ midnight

A third feature, that need closer attention to notice is the lack of shadows in the picture. The shadows cast by the model (or subject) are suppressed by lighting in the scene.

With high key photography, multiple powerful sources of lighting are strategically positioned to eliminate harsh shadows from images, giving them a very light and optimistic feel. Components of the image with rich colors stand out and areas with lighter color wash out, almost to a white. High key is an excellent choice for both color and black and white photos.

In Low Key images the tone is darker, and the controlling color is usually black. There will be lots of dark areas in the picture. It is very common for


Low Key images to give special attention to contour lines, emphasizing them with highlights.

Low Key images are also notable for a great deal of contrast that they display. Most notable is the rim light. A light surrounding the subject illuminating only the contour of the shape. So the contrast is between dark shape and bright contour.

With low key photography, lighting is reduced in order to produce images characterized by striking contrasts, dark tones, and shadows. Usually, a single source of lighting is used to achieve this composition. As a result, low key images often have a rather dark dramatic quality to them. Like high key, low key is a great choice for both color and black and white photos.

** Please note that the Photo submitted must be taken between January 2017-June 2018


  • You cannot submit an image that has been entered in previous competitions.

  • Do not add watermark to your images.

  • Do not put any frames or borders on your images

  • Follow the rules for the specific competition.



  • Once you have filled out your membership form and paid your dues you will be assigned a random Membership#.  ex: a1a1a1

  • Naming convention goes as follow : Category_Membership#_FirstName_LastName_001,jpg

  • If you consider yourself an Advanced Photographer use for example: A_a1a1a1

  • If you consider yourself an Novice Photographer use: ex: N_a1a1a1

  • Ex: A_a1a1a1_John_Smith_001.jpg or N_a1a1a1_John_Smith_001.jpg

  • ** Entries that do not match the naming convention listed above will be automatically deleted


  • On each page where you submit your images a list of entries will displayed

  • The Membership# will also be used to display the competition results  Ex:

  • A_a1a1a1 (3 Images)

  • A_b3b3b3 (2 Images)

  • N_b2b2b2 (2 Images)

  • N_a2a2a2 (3 Images)

  • This will tell you that we received your images for the specific contest and the amount of images we received.

  • This list will be on the same page where you submitted your entries

  • Please note that this is done manually so it might take a bit of time before your id shows up.

  • It is your responsibility to check to make sure your entries have been received.

  • If you see that your entries are not showing up send us a message via the Contact Us page



  • Uploaded images without Membership# will be deleted

  • Maximum image size : 25MB each image

  • Maximum 3 images per competition

  • If you’re having difficulty uploading your images send us a message via the Contact Us Page – Do not wait until after the deadline.

Entries  as of January 31 , 2019 - 9:06PM

  1. A_g2c1r5 (3 images)

  2. A_m6j8r8 (3 images)

  3. A_f9w6y1 (3 images)

  4. A_j2p7h5 (3 images)

  5. A_U2c6n7 (3 images)

  6. A_n7x9n5 (3 images)

  7. A_g2c1t1 (3 images)

  8. A_f9n3f2 (3 images)

  9. A_n2t7r3 (3 images)

  10. A_m4q2y3(3 images)

  11. A_x6x7m5 (3 images)

  12. A_v9d4b8 (3 images)

  13. A_y6b2n6 (3 images)

  14. N_r4c8j3 (1 image)

  15. N_f7g5u1(3 images)

  16. N_m6b3v7 (3 images)

  17. N_r2j3z2 (3 images)

  18. N_c4b8h7 (3 images)

  19. N_y9t3f3 (3 images)

  20. N_u3h6z3 (3 images)

  21. N_v1m2f2 (3 images)

  22. N_f6r9a9 (3 images)

  23. N_h1k4c3 (3 images)

  24. N_z5n9j7 (3 images)

  25. N_y6k9x4 (3 images)

  26. N_b4c1W1 (1 image)

Next 4 contests, pictures need to be taken in 2017 or 2018

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