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  • Are there prizes to be won?
  • How do I submit photos for the competition?
    Entries for the competitions can be done online via the focus website In the File Upload grey box click on “Add a File Button” Once your first file is added, you can click on Add More File to add your second and third file Enter your email address You can add a message if you want to Click the Orange Send Button
  • How do I rename my file?
  • What is a CAPA & CAPA Competitions?
  • Are there competition rules I need to follow, if so where do I find the rules?"
    There are Rules to each different competition. You should make sure you read each competition rule before submitting your images. Rules vary depending on the competition Some rules are set by the club while others are set by CAPA.
  • What is the Naming convention I keep hearing about?
    It is important that you follow the naming convention. Files that do not meet the naming conventions will be deleted
  • Who judges the photos?
  • What are the competitions?
    There are about 8 competitions a year; members are encouraged to submit photos that are judged anonymously by a panel of judges. The Competitions are meant to be fun. Members are encouraged to compare their results to their own previous results and not to other fellow members. The goal is personal growth. As long as you as a photographer keep improving yourself you are on the right track. Example of Themes: Portraits, Landscapes, Macro, Abstract. Scores from individual photos are tabulated and the end of the year awards are based on the individuals total scores. It is best if you are aiming for one of those awards to submit the 3 photos per competition theme.
  • How is the Competition judged?
  • What is the “end of the year awards”?
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