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With Clarence Nowlan (Professional Photographer)

Thursday January 17th & 31st + February 14th, 2019

Time : 7:00 PM

Subjects discussed at lent:

  • Types of in camera and flash batteries used for maximum performance.

  • Popular camera types used by amateurs and pros.

  • Popular symbols used in camera menus; buttons and dials.

  • Mode dial. Program, Manual, Auto, TV etc.

  • Creating HDRs on some camera.  Manual and auto settings.

  • Popular LCD screen menus.

  • Setting the AF (Auto focusing) and Drive Modes. Single, High Speed, Slow Speed, Silent speed, and timers, 2 sec, 10 sec Custom variable times.

  • Selecting the AF area and AF point.

  • Lens Image stabilizer.

  • Setting the Image-Recording Quality, Jpeg, Raw, Tiff, pros and cons.

  • ISO various reasons for using a Low ISO versus a High one. Grain v/s color rendition etc.

  • Types of memory cards used for photography and videos.

  • Metering with your camera, various settings, Evaluative, Partial, Spot, Center-weighted average.

  • F-stops-their usage, Dept of field button, how it works, with examples.

  • Proper usage of shutter speeds to create special effects, panning, zooming etc.

  • Flash compensation set-up.

  • White Balance settings.

  • Histogram explained.  And what to do when “blinkies” occur.

  • Usage of various lenses and proper usage to cover the situation arising.  From 12 mm zoom to 500 mm fixed lens.

  • Proper use of a polarizer and UV filters.

  • External flashes.

  • Good compositions.

  • Shooting outdoor events. (A brief outlook).

  • Macro lenses, converters, and extenders.

  • Proper use of reflectors for macro photography and outdoor photography etc.

  • Downloading your images.

  • Sorting out your photos; keeping only the very best ones, as hard as it may be to let go of the others.

  • Coding, numbering and keywording your images.

  • Backing up your files.

  • Processing soft wares available.

This is the full course in a nutshell.  All of the above is supported with plenty of images as examples to learn from.

Minimum 15 students. Duration 3 nights.  2 hrs duration ea. with a 15 min break after 1 hr.

Cost: $30. For the workshop.

Have a great day and enjoy the moments!

Clarence Nowlan, MCAPA, ACAPA

Registered : 

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  2. Thu Ho PAID

  3. Kathy Bauer PAID

  4. Paulette Gallant PAID

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  6. Isabelle Boudreau PAID

  7. Mike Ling PAID

  8. Ovila Bourgeois PAID

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  11. Mona Savoie

  12. Steve Dunstan

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  14. Jacques Leblanc

Clarence Nowlan

Born in New Brunswick freelance photographer Clarence Nowlan showed his first visual arts interest in pencil drawings and painting at an early age and gradually changed to photography as a means of expression.  Ever since his first purchased his 35 mm camera  in 1969 he has developed a keen interest and  passion for photography.

He is an accomplished and award winning photographer having won medals and many awards from the Canadian Association for Photographic Art and the Photographic Society of America.   In 2000 The Canadian Geographic Magazine published his winning image for being  the top winner in the "Color Category" in their  national annual photography competition.

His photographs have been published in: Camera Canada Magazines, Canadian Geographic, Airlines Magazine, Saltscapes Magazines and Calendars, Annual Reports on the Environment for NB Power, to name a few; also in two historic books entitled:  "Rockport Portraits" 1989, of which he is the author and "Rêves de Vissionaire",  Édition d'Acadie 1999.  He also has two book cover photos; an autobiography books  entitled: "Embellir" and another one called:  “Experience de Vie; Les Éditions Doiron, 2003 and 2006.  Also photos in the books “La cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-l`Assomption” Université de Moncton and “Fundy” Bay of the giant tides as well as another book entitled: “ The Last Two Billion Years” a geological history of the Maritime provinces.

Some of his prints have been on exhibition at the World Chess Festival in St. John in 1988, The Moncton Museum 2000, The Saint John Museum 2001, The Moncton City Hall 1996,  The Beauséjour Corporation 1997 & 1998, Joe Moka (solo) 1999, and the Moncton Public Library.  Also some of his photographs were in National travelling exhibition called "The Petitcodiac: A portrait of a River and its Voices" organized by the Moncton Museum

In the year 2000 he was given the “Maple Leaf Award” by the Canadian Association for Photographic Art in recognition of valuable achievement in Canadian Photography.

In 2002 he was given an “Associate” certificate by the Canadian Association for Photographic Art in recognition of significant service to Canadian Photography.

In 2003 he was granted by the Focus Camera Club of Moncton  an “Honorary Membership” in recognition of his extraordinary contribution to the success of the Focus Camera Club.    


After working as “Medical and Public Relations  Photographer” in the Education Dept. Audio Visual Service for the Dr. George L. Dumont Hospital for many years he decided to go on his own; so in 1999 he opened up a Stock Photo Agency called: “Unique Stock Images” now under “Clarence Nowlan  Atlantic Photography” .  A stock photo company consisting of images from the three Maritime provinces covering a wide range of topics and events used for publications and print sales.

He yearly gives photography courses on digital landscape photography, macro photography, beginners and advanced digital photography courses and gives a few wildlife photography workshops in Sheffield Mills, NS and NB. every year.

He also gives photo workshops to raise funds for the Nature Conservancy of Canada in Johnson Mills, NB. (During the Sandpiper Festival in Dorchester NB -a yearly event)

You are welcome to browse through some of his images on his website at:   Thousands of  new images have been added to his image bank since 1999.

He has given numerous audio-visual slide presentations to local camera clubs and naturalist clubs.   He has also given instructional presentations and audio-visual presentations and a feature presenter at the Camera Canada College (1997), The Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia College in Halifax and was the feature presenter at the Photographic Guild of NS Fall show in 2011; The Focus Camera Club of Moncton, the Kipose Photo Club in Shediac NB and  the Truro “Image Makers”  Photo Club.   Clarence has also served as a judge in National and International photographic exhibitions and competitions.

A naturalist at heart, Clarence has used his photographic skills to interpret the natural world around him through his sensitive use of light and form.  He sees photography as a natural means of communication and personal growth and expression.  Through his photography, he inspires love for all living organism and the need for their preservation.

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