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** Contest are open for Focus Camera Club members ONLY

Next 3 contests, pictures need to be taken in 2017 or 2018


Deadline : February 28th, 2018 @ midnight

Photography Composition: Shape. Photography Composition: Shape. The way subjects connect to each other in a photo forms shapes that draw the eye from subject to subject. ... If your subject is already triangular or diamond-shaped (like a pyramid), the viewer's eye will automatically focus on that shape.


In this contest, member are asked to submit images that contain shapes such as circles, triangles, rectangles, squares etc.

** Please note that the Photo submitted must be taken between January 2017-June 2018


  • You cannot submit an image that has been entered in previous competitions.

  • Do not add watermark to your images.

  • Do not put any frames or borders on your images

  • Follow the rules for the specific competition.



  • Once you have filled out your membership form and paid your dues you will be assigned a random Membership#.  ex: a1a1a1

  • Naming convention goes as follow : Category_Membership#_FirstName_LastName_001,jpg

  • If you consider yourself an Advanced Photographer use for example: A_a1a1a1

  • If you consider yourself an Novice Photographer use: ex: N_a1a1a1

  • Ex: A_a1a1a1_John_Smith_001.jpg or N_a1a1a1_John_Smith_001.jpg

  • ** Entries that do not match the naming convention listed above will be automatically deleted


  • On each page where you submit your images a list of entries will displayed

  • The Membership# will also be used to display the competition results  Ex:

  • A_a1a1a1 (3 Images)

  • A_b3b3b3 (2 Images)

  • N_b2b2b2 (2 Images)

  • N_a2a2a2 (3 Images)

  • This will tell you that we received your images for the specific contest and the amount of images we received.

  • This list will be on the same page where you submitted your entries

  • Please note that this is done manually so it might take a bit of time before your id shows up.

  • It is your responsibility to check to make sure your entries have been received.

  • If you see that your entries are not showing up send us a message via the Contact Us page



  • Uploaded images without Membership# will be deleted

  • Maximum image size : 25MB each image

  • Maximum 3 images per competition

  • If you’re having difficulty uploading your images send us a message via the Contact Us Page – Do not wait until after the deadline.

Images Received ​as of Feb 28 - 11:59 PM

  1. A_u2c6n7 (3 images)

  2. A_n7x9n5 (3 images)

  3. A_n2t7r3 (3 images)

  4. A_m6j8r8 (3 images)

  5. A_m4q2y3 (3 images)

  6. A_g2c1t1 (3 images)

  7. A_g2c1r5 (3 images)

  8. A_f9w6y1 (3 images)

  9. A_e7n8e9 (3 images)

  10. A_x6x7m5 (3 images)

  11. A_f9n3f2 (3 images)

  12. A_y6b2n6 (3 images)

  13. A_v9d4b8 (3 images)

  1. N_y9t4y2 (3 images)

  2. N_u3h6z3 (3 images)

  3. N_r4c8j3 (3 images)

  4. n_m5z6c8 (2 images)

  5. n_g1v3g1(2 images)

  6. N_f7g5u1 (3 images)

  7. N_f6r9a9 (3 images)

  8. n_b4z5z4 (3 images)

  9. N_m6b3v7 (3 images)

  10. N_s5g3h1 (3 images)

  11. N_z5n9j7 (3 images)

  12. N_y5h6s7 (3 images)

  13. N_b4c1w1 (3 images)

  14. N_y9t3f3 (3 images)

  15. N_y6k9x4 (3 images)

  16. N_h1k4c3 (3 images)

  17. N_v1m2f2 (3 images)

  18. N_q8h1a7 (3 images)

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