DEADLINE = December 9th @ midnight

NOTE: You can post 1 photo for each of the above at Image Upload, Photos for View using your first name, last name and numbering them in accordance with the above 001 to 013.

                         Example: Christmas_FirstName_LastName_001.jpg

1. I am a toy builder. 

Example: Christmas_FirstName_LastName_1.jpg

2. I am silent but there are all kinds of voices around when I am being built. Example: Christmas_FirstName_LastName_2.jpg

3. I am the main attraction who loves to spread joy, especially to little kids. Example: Christmas_FirstName_LastName_3.jpg

4. I am a warm drink in a pink store.

Example: Christmas_FirstName_LastName_4.jpg

5. I have a red nose and fly around Christmas eve.

Example: Christmas_FirstName_LastName_5.jpg

6, I keep you warm and am often made of wool.

Example: Christmas_FirstName_LastName_6.jpg

Shot of the item (no team member required in the photo)

7. I have 5 points and sometimes twinkle

Example: Christmas_FirstName_LastName_7.jpg

8. I come in different sizes, sometimes I’m real, sometimes I’m fake. 

Example: Christmas_FirstName_LastName_8.jpg

9. I am bright and colourful.

Example: Christmas_FirstName_LastName_9.jpg

10. I am beautiful, usually hang around Christmas time but am often fragile.

Example: Christmas_FirstName_LastName_10.jpg

11. I am often found on a door and am circular shaped.

Example: Christmas_FirstName_LastName_11.jpg

12. I stand up straight and hang out with a bunch of nuts. 

Example: Christmas_FirstName_LastName_12.jpg


13. Team photo with a Christmas theme.

Example: Christmas_FirstName_LastName_13.jpg