** Contest are open for Focus Camera Club members ONLY

Deadline: January 6th, 2019 @ midnight


For the purposes of this competition, a portrait image will primarily contain the likeness of a person(s) in which the facial expression is predominant but can be extended to include the entire body and the background.

The object of the portrait is to capture the person’s personality and mood as the focal point or as a component of moment in time.

The image can be posed, candid or environmental. Street photography image is considered environmental.

By submitting an image into this competition, CAPA and Focus Camera Club assumes that you have obtained a model release in circumstances that require one. (More details on the CAPA contest Page)


** Please note that to match the CAPA rules there is no time limit - The image

does not have to be taken within the last year.


*** Top 6 images from all categories will be sent to CAPA. Only one image per photographer.



  • Do Not submit image(s) that have been entered in previous competitions 

  • Do Not add watermark to your image(s) 

  • Do Not put any frames or borders on your image(s) 

  • Follow contest theme for the specific contest 

  • Up to 3 images can be submitted per contest - unless otherwise noted 

  • Maximum 15MB image size per image 


  • Skill Level: A – Advanced Photographer, N – Novice Photographer, B – Beginner Photographer  

  • Membership #: Assigned to each registered member, located on your membership card    -Example: a1a1a1 

  • FirstName_LastName: Name used during registration ( Do not put any space or Special Characters ex: John O’Donnel should use John_ODonnel                                      

  • New members will be placed in novice if they have more than one year experience or in beginners if they have less than 1 year experience

  • New Members will be re-evaluated after they have submitted 6 images – at that time they could be dropped down to beginner, stay in novice or moved up to Advanced 

  • Entries that do not match the naming convention will be automatically deleted 

  • Example: John Smith, who considers himself a novice photographer, is planning to submit 2 images for the contest theme Wild Eyes, his membership # is a1a1a1. 

    • N_a1a1a1_John_Smith_001.jpg

    • N_a1a1a1_John_Smith_002.jpg



  • On each page where you submit your images a list of entries received is displayed 

  • The Membership# will be used to display the received images, this will let you know if and how many correctly formatted submissions were logged  

  • Please note that this is done manually so it might take a bit of time before your id shows up 

  • If you do not see an entry or not all your entries are showing up after a day or 2 send us a message via the Contact Us Page 

  • The next morning following the deadline – the list will be complete.

  • It is your responsibility to check to make sure your entries have been received

  • If you’re having difficulty uploading your images send us a message via the Contact Us Page – Do not wait until after the deadline                                          

    • N_a1a1a1 (images 001 & 003 )

    • N_a2a2a2 (image 001) 

    • A_b1b1b1 (images  001,002,003)

    • B_n5n5n5 (images 001,002)


Link to CAPA Portraits competition page.

Look at the 2014-2015 Focus Camera Club Portrait contest submissions.

Need help? Look at this page with 14 portrait photography tips.


Photo submission is now closed for this contest

Photos submitted

  1. Denise Doiron 3

  2. Jason Bowie 3

  3. Paul Landry 3

  4. Nancy Leblanc 3

  5. Jocelyne Gagnon 3

  6. Lise Bourgeois  Photo 001

  7. Andrew Boghen 3

  8. Andrea Milburn Photo 001 & 003

  9. Daniel Landry 3

  10. Andre Leblanc 3

  11. Tracy Munson 3

  12. Jacinthe Leblanc 3

  13. Remi Levesque 3

  14. Stephane Vautour 3

  15. Steve Muise 3

  16. Paul Girouard 3

  17. Sherrie Gaudet 3

  18. Renee Turcotte Photo 002 & 003

  19. Mathieu Chiasson 3

  20. Robert Leblanc 3

  21. JP Francis 3

  22. Denise Martell 2

  23. Monique Jaillet 1

  24. Daniel Beaudry 3

  25. Vienna Sanipass 3

  26. Mona Belliveau 3

  27. Claire Leblanc 3

  28. Jean-Guy Gallant 3

  29. Bernice McGraw Leblanc 3

  30. Pat Ford 2

  31. Donald Lewis 3

  32. Lise Robichaud 3

  33. Diane Leblanc 3

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