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** Entries are limited to Focus Camera Club members ONLY

Limit : 1 Photo 

Photo Must have been taken after June 2018 and CANNOT have been shown to anyone or placed on any Social Medias



  • One file per member

  • Name your file ex: John_Smith_001.jpg

  • No watermark on the Photograph

  • Send a full resolution image

  • Click the “Add a File” button

  • Navigate and Choose your file

  • Fill out your email address

  • Add a message in the Message box 


  • Click Submit

  • You will see a progress counter

  • A check mark will appear when your file has been uploaded


Deadline : April 15th, 2019

TOP 15 images will be in the Perspective show.

Subject = "FEAR"
Please read & follow
all the instructions
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