As part of our 50th Anniversary Celebrations, the Focus Camera Club will be holding a Photo Exhibit at the Moncton Library during the month of March 2019.

This is open to all Focus Camera Club members. The first 75 people to register and pay will be in the exhibit.  Images must be 8x12 landscape format.

At the time, only one image per participant is accepted. If there are not 75 participants by January 1st, 2019, then members may have additional images exhibited (same cost for each additional photo(s)).

Cost : Approximately $20.00 (This is for a 8x12 double mat and framed image) At the end of the exhibit the framed images will be given to the photographer)

50th Anniversary Photo Exhibit Souvenir Books will be available for the cost of approximately $15.00

Complete Submissions​ - Both Head shot and Image received

  1. Alphie Millian

  2. Jason Bowie

  3. Ceci Snow 

  4. Gilles Gallant 

  5. Isabelle Levesque 

  6. David Homer 

  7. Marilyn Worthman 

  8. Paul Girouard 

  9. Stephan Reebs 

  10. Jacinthe leblanc 

  11. Andrew Boghen 

  12. Tracy Munson 

  13. Ira Crummey 

  14. Don Lewis

  15. Jan van't Veld

  16. Ruth Ricker Leblanc 

  17. Bernice McGraw Leblanc

  18. Monique Leblanc 

  19. Lawrence Nicoll 

  20. Suzanne Lepage

  21. Lise Bourgeois

  22. Bernice McGraw LeBlanc

  23. Stephane Vautour 

  24. Renee Turcotte 

  25. Paul Landry

  26. Jocelyne Gagnon 

  27. Remi Levesque

  28. Gary Capson

  29. Guy Brun 

  30. Jeannette Arseneault

  31. Cecile Capson 

  32. Pat Ford

  33. Sherrie Gaudet

  34. Rachel LeBlanc 

  35. Paula Lirette 

  36. JP Francis

  37. Lisa Marie Phillips 

  38. Maurice Melanson

  39. Andrea Milburn

  40. Andre Leblanc

  41. Lila Donavan 

  42. Stella D'Entremont

  43. Vienna Sanipass

  44. Jean-Guy Gallant

  45. Lorna Atkinson

  46. Diane Leblanc 

  47. T Robinson

  48. Lise Robichaud  

  49. Denise Doiron

  50. Claire LeBlanc

  51. Mona Belliveau

  52. Rachelle Bourque

  53. Norm Thebeau

  54. Daniel Beaudry 

  55. Daniel Landry

  56. Mathieu Chiasson - head shot missing

Need both Head Shots and Image

  1. Eden Senske  

  • Name your file :

    • John_Smith_TitleOfImage.jpg

  • Image size:

    • to fit a 8x12 (12 width x 8 height ) landscape format

  • Resolution

    • Send a full resolution image

  • Profile Picture:

    • A 300x300 pixel head shot of yourself

    • Name this image John_Smith_Headshot.jpg

  • Images due January 6th at midnight

  • Images can be any type (Portraits, landscape, seascape, abstracts, sports, wildlife, nature, etc.)

  • if you are submitting portraits make sure you have the permission of the subject first.

  • Do not add borders or watermarks to the images.

  • Your submitted image should be your best work. 

  • Images can be photographs that you've already submitted in contests, it doesn't matter, we just want the best


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