Image Critique Workshop with Kas Stone

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This workshop takes a constructive and positive approach to image critique.  In the introductory lecture we learn how to view, analyze and talk effectively about our images.  Traditional judging standards and technical elements are considered, but the primary focus of this critique is on an image's emotional, conceptual and aesthetic appeal, and it's ability to communicate with a viewer.

Topics include:

  • Traditional judging standard: what the judges look for in various photographic genres.

  • Technical image evaluation: exposure, focus, field of view.

  • Visual design: arrangement of elements in the frame.

  • Visual communication and literacy.

  • The critique process.

  • Critique etiquette for commenters and makers.

This is a participatory workshop that includes a tightly-moderated group discussion to practice our critiquing skills and a demo of simple edits that might strengthen an image.  WORKSHOP PARTICIPANT ARE INVITED TO SUBMIT A PHOTOGRAPH FOR THIS EVALUATION.

Date: Friday February 14

Time: 10 am - 4 pm

Cost: 50$

Location: Ivan's camera (upstair)

Date: Saturday February 15

Time: 10 am - 4 pm

Cost: 50$

Location: Ivan's camera (upstair)



  1. Stella d’Entremont -

  2. Tracey Munson -

  3. Renée Turcotte                             Paid

  1. Graham Chives -

  2. Isabelle Levesque -

  3. Diane Roy -                                    Paid

  4. Jeanette Arsenault -                     Paid

  5. Charlotte Boulay

  6. Dorthy Beaton

  7. Marise Cormier

  8. Rachelle Bourque -                         Paid

  9. Daniel Beaudry                                Paid



Saturday Only

  1. Lise Robichaud -                             Paid

  2. Claire LeBlanc

  3. Mona Belliveau

  4. Cecile Capson _                                Paid

  5. Jason Bowie

  6. Daniel Landry

  7. Gilles Gallant.

  8. Don Lewis -                                        Paid

  9. Scott Babineau                                    Paid

  10. Rachel LeBlanc                                    Paid

  11. Venessa Levesque                              Paid                                      

  12. Marilyne Wortman                             Paid

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