** Contest are open for Focus Camera Club members ONLY

For this contest, pictures need to be taken in 2018 or 2019

Deadline: March 31th, 2019 @ midnight



For this competitions, we are seeking images containing a set of 3. It can be people, objects, patterns or anything in the count of 3. The aspect of 3 should be predominant in your image, the count of 3 should come to the mind of the viewer as he looks at your image.

** Please note that Photo(s) submitted must have been taken after January 2018.



  • Do Not submit image(s) that have been entered in previous competitions 

  • Do Not add watermark to your image(s) 

  • Do Not put any frames or borders on your image(s) 

  • Follow contest theme for the specific contest 

  • Up to 3 images can be submitted per contest - unless otherwise noted 

  • Maximum 15MB image size per image 


  • Skill Level: A – Advanced Photographer, I – Intermediate Photographer, B – Beginner Photographer  

  • Membership #: Assigned to each registered member, located on your membership card    -Example: a1a1a1 

  • FirstName_LastName: Name used during registration ( Do not put any space or Special Characters ex: John O’Donnel should use John_ODonnel                                      

  • New members will be placed in Intermediate if they have more than one year experience or in beginners if they have less than 1 year experience

  • New Members will be re-evaluated after they have submitted 6 images – at that time they could be dropped down to beginner, stay in Intermediate or moved up to Advanced 

  • Entries that do not match the naming convention will be automatically deleted 

  • Example: John Smith, who considers himself an Intermediate photographer, is planning to submit 2 images for the contest theme Wild Eyes, his membership # is a1a1a1. 

    • I_a1a1a1_John_Smith_001.jpg

    • I_a1a1a1_John_Smith_002.jpg



  • On each page where you submit your images a list of entries received is displayed 

  • The Membership# will be used to display the received images, this will let you know if and how many correctly formatted submissions were logged  

  • Please note that this is done manually so it might take a bit of time before your id shows up 

  • If you do not see an entry or not all your entries are showing up after a day or 2 send us a message via the Contact Us Page 

  • The next morning following the deadline – the list will be complete.

  • It is your responsibility to check to make sure your entries have been received

  • If you’re having difficulty uploading your images send us a message via the Contact Us Page – Do not wait until after the deadline                                          

    • I_a1a1a1 (images 001 & 003 )

    • I_a2a2a2 (image 001) 

    • A_b1b1b1 (images  001,002,003)

    • B_n5n5n5 (images 001,002)

Images submitted:

  • Sherrie Gaudet x3

  • Paul Girouard x3

  • Steve Muise x3

  • Stephane Vautour x2

  • Remi Levesques x3

  • Jacinthe LeBlanc x3

  • Daniel Beaudry x3

  • Diane Roy x3

  • Daniel Landry x3

  • JP Francis x3

  • Lise Bourgeois x2

  • Renée Turcotte x3

  • Vienna Sanipass x3

  • Mona Belliveau x3

  • Jocelyne Gagnon x3

  • Denise Doiron x3

  • Karen Burke x2

  • Claire Leblanc x3

  • Gary Capson x3

  • Jacques LeBlanc x2

  • André Leblanc x3

  • Monique LeBlanc x3

  • Eden Senske x2

  • Andrea Milburn x3

  • Stephen Stevens x3

  • Juliette Boudreau x3

  • Marilyn Worthman x1

  • Don Lewis x3

  • Mathieu Chiasson x3

  • Stella d'Entremond x3

  • Bernice McGraw LeBlanc x2

  • Unknown x1

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