Date & Time :September 29nd, 2018,  Full day - Classroom 9:30 to 1:00 pm Local guided shoot follows

Cost : $35.00 Max, 20 participants (Paid in advance) - includes light lunch of sandwiches, coffee and tea 

** First come first served (Registered and paid)


Location : The Ottawa House by-the- Sea Museum, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

Some Comments from last year workshop:

Jocelyne Gagnon: 

It was indeed a great workshop, one of the best that I have attended. Tks to the organizers and hopefully we can have him come speak at one of our meetings or have more workshops with him.

Mona Belliveau 

I agree!!! It was one of the best workshops I've been to. Lots of useful information and really enjoyed seeing all the examples he showed us. Great day and would definitely return to any of his workshops! Thanks again to the organizers, Lawrence and the Ottawa House volunteers!

Remi Levesque 

I really enjoyed myself and learned stuff at the same time... it's always good to be reminded of the basics... specially coming from someone new...with new perspective and experience...his workshop was organized... filled will great examples... thx to the organizers.. to Lawrence and Ottawa House volunteers for the warm welcome and meal... 😆

Brief stop for lunch then a guided local shooting session


Course Description

Moving from snapshots to photographs is all about learning how to sensitize how you ‘SEE’. This course will outline the visual tools you need to create images that reflect what caught your eye in the first place, and help viewers to arrive at your special moment in time. Capturing that moment is far more than just pressing the shutter.


Course Detail

A full day of classroom Instruction and  guided shooting session covering:

- Developing your ‘EYE’
- Rule of Thirds :

- Landscape 1/3 -2/3 concept
- Foreground interest:

- Balance
- Selective focus :
- Framing, :
- Symmetry & patterns:
- Leading, Dynamic lines and guiding shapes, :
- Using light itself as a tool

- Creating your own ‘Style’



Lawrence Nicoll is a self-taught landscape and nature photographer with an appreciation of the natural world that surrounds us. Spending his youth in fields, forests, rivers & creek beds he was astounded at the beauty that many take for granted.

Involved in Photography for over 40 years, he continually strives to improve his craft through constant practice, exhibits and seminars and classes. His work is part of many personal and corporate collections, and has been utilized by Newfoundland Tourism, Joggins Fossil Centre, Five Islands Park and other Nova Scotia tourism projects; magazines such as Toronto Life, Saltscapes, Digital Photo, Intrepid and Driving Magazine, and in giant murals in the Bay of Fundy Geological Museum.

Travelling across Canada, the American West, North Vietnam and Cambodia, St. Lucia, Western Australia and the Scottish Highlands, his love of Canada's Atlantic Provinces has become both his focus and in 2008 Nova Scotia his permanent home.

Always looking for new ways to "see" the wonders around us, he hopes his work will allow you to share his appreciation of that beauty.

Registered :

  1. Daniel Landry

  2. Jacinthe Leblanc

  3. Mike Ling

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