Date: June 27, 2020

Location: Kingsbrae Garden in St. Andrews, NB


Time: 7:00 am to 6:30 pm

Cost: $40 per person


  • bus (washroom on board)

  • entrance fee to Kingsbrae Garden.

*Lunch not included.

Open to paid FCC members. If the bus is not filled by May 1, 2020, we will open to non-members.

Payment method: e-transfer

Once you have registered, you will receive an   e-mail containing the email address, secret question and password to make the payment.


Maximum participants: 55 participants

**Your seat will only be booked once payment has been received.

Trip to Kingsbrae Garden 

June 27, 2020

Other information:

  • Meet at Champlain Mall parking lot close to Tim Horton's/ Wendy"s at 6:45 am.

  • Bus leaves at 7:00 am sharp.

  • We will leave St Andrews for the return trip around 3:00 -3:30 pm and expect to be back around 6:00-6:30 pm

  • Lunch is not included and we are not planning a stop with the bus for lunch/dinner.
    To maximize your time at the gardens, we suggest that you bring a lunch.

  • Note: There is a café on site.

St Andrews Bus Trip June 27, 2020


1. Jocelyne Gagnon paid & registered

2. Jacinthe LeBlanc paid & registered

3. Lisa Phillips paid & registered

4. Elaine Odishaw paid & registered

5. Doris Arsenault Cormier paid & registered

6. Marilyn Wortman paid & registered

7. Phyllis Pellerin paid & registered

8. Joanne LaPlace paid & registered

9. Andrea LeBlanc paid & registered

10. Ruth Ricker LeBlanc paid & registered

11. Stella d’Entremont paid & registered

12. André LeBlanc paid & registered

13. Claire LeBlanc paid and registered

14. Kathy Bauer paid & registered

15. Cecile Capson paid & registered

16. Imelda Cormier paid & registered

17. Charlotte Boulay paid & registered

18. Nancy LeBlanc paid & registered

19. Mona Belliveau paid & registered

20. Jeanne Landry paid & registered

21. Bernice McGraw-LeBlanc paid & registered

22. Daniel Beaudry paid and registered

23. Renée Turcotte paid and registered

24. Rachel LeBlanc paid and registered

25. Barbara LeBlanc paid and registered

26. Shannon Testart paid and registered

27. Andrea Milburn paid and registered

28. Jeannette Arsenault paid and registered

29. Ceci Snow paid and registered

30. Rose-Marie Allain paid and registered

31. Monique Jaillet paid and registered

32. Claudine Caissie registration pending payment

33. Scott Babineau registration pending payment

34. Thu Ho registration pending payment

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